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 Creating Opportunities For Your Business

1st Year Anniversary Lecture

Slovenia-Nigeria Chamber of Commerce

First Slovenia Trade Mission to Nigeria

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First Slovenia Trade Mission to Nigeria

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Participation in the Chamber

Your company, organization or you as an individual can contribute and participate in a number of ways such as being a member, sponsor, service provider, adviser or as a volunteer.

Financial Support to the Chamber

As a non- profit and membership base organization, the Chamber rely mainly on membership fees, sponsorship and some other funding activities to fund the organization and its activities.


We are happy to receive donations of any kind and all donors will receive proper recognition for any amount or material given. 

Benefits of Sponsors and Donors

Sponsors will be promoted in the Chamber websites and other publications highlighting their special support including public recognition at events, Invitations to selected (limited invitation) meetings/events with top Nigerian and Slovenian business and government officials.

Membership options

MembershipCATEGORY AnnualFee (€) Member Category DEFINITION
Large Company and Medium-sized company 100 More than 50 principals*
Small Company 50 Between 3 and 49 principals*
Entrepreneur 20 The combined total of principals* does not exceed 2 persons.
Non-profit 0 e.g. Chambers of Commerce, NGO’s, Embassies.
Honorary Member 0 Membership given in honor by the Slovenia-Nigeria Chamber of Commerce.