ntNigerian Communications Satellite Ltd.

Invitation to Tender


The Ministry of Communication Technology charged with the management and operation of Nigeria’s Communications Satellite. including NigComSat-1R. with a mission to manage and exploit the commercial viability of Nigerian Communications Satellite for the socio-economic benefit of the nation and a Vision to be the leading satellite operator in Africa. NIGCOMSAT Limited is wholly I committed to providing high-quality, reliable and professional services to meet the nation’s Telecommunication, Broadcast. Aviation Maritime. Defence and Strategic Security needs.

In order to accomplish the stated mission and actualize the mandates hereto. NIGCOMSAT Limited is upgrading some of the facilities at its Ground Station in Abuja.

To this end, competent contractors are invited to tender for the projects.

Ground Infrastructure for Nigcomsat-1R

LOT1      4.8 Meter compact Cassegrain Antenna C Band 2 port, circular polarized feed. Rx only Rx (3.4- 4.200 GHZ) with antenna control unit.

LOT2     4.8 meter Compact Cassegrain Antenna Ku – Band 2 port, Linear Polarized feed. Rx only. Rx (10.70 – 12.75 GHZ) with antenna control   unit.

LOT 3      Antenna Accessories.

LOT4      UPS

LOT 5    IOT Services

Tender Requirements

All interested contractors are required to forward the following documents along with the financial bids:

(a)     Evidence of Company Registration with the corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)

(b)     Company profile and Organizational structure: including names and curriculum vitae of key technical staff:

(c)      Previous experience and verifiable list of similar projects previously undertaken including evidence of the projects such as letters of award, completion certificates etc;

(d)     Current Tax Clearance for the last three years,

(e)      Evidence of VAT Registration Certificate including TIN Numbers:

(F)     Audited Accounts for the last three years. 2012, 2013 and 2014;

(g)     Evidence of Financial strength and banking Support,

(h)     Evidence of Pension Fund Remittances:

(i)      Evidence of compliance with the amended Industrial Training Fund Act. 2011:

(j)      Evidence of registration with relevant professional bodies:

(k)     List of Equipments for the proposed project where necessary;

(l)      Evidence of Registration with Financial Reporting Council (FRC) of Nigeria

(m)    Name, e-mail address and telephone numbers of contact person for the project;

(n)     Affidavit of disclosure that none of the persons connected with the bid process in the procuring entity has any pecuniary interest and that the company is in receivership or any form of insolvency/bankruptcy nor in debarment and that the company nor any of the Director (s) of the company have been convicted of financial crime

Important Information

Bidding will be conducted through National Competitive Bidding (NCB) procure as specified in the public procurement Act. 2007. The general public is invited to note that procurement below the national Competitive Bidding Threshold would be carried out during the course of the year by placing advertisement on the Company’s Notice Boards for interested Contractor s/Suppliers.

Collection of Tender Documents

Details of scope of work and specifications tor the projects are to be collected in the Procurement Department upon presentation of evidence of payment of non-refundable Tender fees of ₦50.000 for each lot/Project. This must be through remita payable to Nigerian Communications Satellite Limited.

Submission of Tender Documents

All submissions should be neatly packaged, placed in sealed envelope with the name of the project and lot number clearly marked on the top left side of the envelope The Financial Tender must be submitted in a separate envelope marked ‘Financial Tender’ with clear indication of project name and lot number and addressed to:

The Managing Director,

Nigerian Communications Satellite Ltd.

Obasanjo Space Centre,

Umaru Musa Yaradua Way, Abuja

Closing of Submission

All submission of tender documents ends on Monday 28th December, 2015. Ail bidders, Civil Society Organizations, Relevant Professional Bodies and interested Stakeholders are invited to tender opening scheduled to take place immediately after the close of submission on 28th December, 2015 at NIGCOMSAT Limited Auditorium by 12 noon.

This advertisement shall not be construed as a commitment on the part NigComSat Limited to responding bidders to seek tor any compensation, damage or award from NIGCOMSAT Limited by virtue of any bidder(s) having responded to this advertisement. NIGCOMSAT Limited reserves the right to reject any or all submissions or discontinue the process if need be without any inability whatsoever.