Transmission Company of Nigeria

Public Notice

Invitation for the Pre-Qualification of Contractors for Supply of System Operation Telecommunication and SCADA Equipment/Materials


The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), intends to procure and install some electrical operation equipment and materials for its on-going and existing station rehabilitation and grid maintenance for the 2015 fiscal year.

Accordingly, reputable companies, manufacturer and/or their representatives are hereby invited to apply for pre-qualification.

The required items/materials fall into the following categories.

Category A -Erection of Radio Communication Mast and Accessories. Category B – Scada Telemetry Equipments

Category C – Working and Study Tools

Category D – Provision of ICT Facility and Materials

Category E – Rehabilitation Control Room / Equipment

Category F- Fibre Optics Installation/Rehabilitation

Category G – Power Line Carrier (Plc) Communication System

Category H- Consultancy Services and Training for system Operations

Category I – Maintenance / Rehabilitation of Scada & Telecomm Equipment

Companies will be assessed in each of the categories according to their experiences.

General Requirements

Suitably qualified bidders are invited to participate in the bidding process by submitting the following prerequisite requirements:

(1)     A copy of Certificate of Incorporation in Nigeria (Form C07 must be attached) or overseas.

(2)     Company profile including

  • Populated organizational structure and key professional staff with relevant experience.
  • Availability of requisite and appropriate skills among key staff.

(3)     Evidence of source of supply, including product brochure(s)

(4)     Evidence of experience in at least two (2) jobs of similar nature and complexity previously executed or currently being executed with verifiable Letters of Contract Award and Certificates of Completion where applicable within the past five years or details of on-going contracts with government organisation, ministries or parastatal

(5)     Where a Company is in Joint ventures (JV), the lead partner shall be technically experienced member and with higher financial standing

The JV agreement must be signed by the Chief Executive of the JV and witness by a Notary Public. Each member company must be severally and jointly liable under the JV agreement which must be attached

The lead/local partner shall provide all the Necessary Advanced Payment Guarantee (APG) and Performance Bonds for payment for the contract.


A firm can only be partner in ONLY ONE JV or Consortium. Bids submitted by JV or Consortium including the same firms as partners will be rejected.

(6)     Prospective EPC Companies whose major equipment will come from countries that will deny TCN Engineers who are first time overseas travellers visas, need not apply.

(7)     Evidence of local Content Plan including evidence of indigenous staff involvement in jobs done in Nigeria and company facilities shall be submitted.

(8)     Evidence of current Certificate of Compliance with the Pension Reform Act.

(9)     Evidence of current Certified Audited Account for three (3) years.

(10)   Evidence of Three (3) years (2012-2014) current Tax Clearance which shall be verified and the original sighted on demand.

(11)   Evidence of VAT registration certificate

(12)   Evidence of equipment manufacture representatives where applicable

(13)   Evidence of financial capability and banking support.

Important Information

(1)     TCN/SO have the right to verify any claim(s) by company and therefore advised to include in their submissions necessary information for such.

(2)     Only technically pre-qualified contractors will be invited to submit financial proposals.

(3)     Any contractor engaged in TCN, PHCN, PMU or NIPP project whoso performance has been proven to be unsatisfactory will not be pre-qualified.

(4)     Companies known to be consultant or partners to consultants with TCN,

PHCN, PMU and NIPP will not be considered under this pre-qualification exercise.

(5)     Contractors with litigation history/petitions with TCN, PHCN, PMU and NIPP will not be pre-qualified.

(6)     TCN reserve the right to categorise applicants for 330KV or 132KV projects based on their experience.

(7)     For JV Companies, final agreements will be signed only in the name of the lead partner.

(8)     No supply and services contractor can win more than two Lots in a category.

Collection of Pre-Qualification and Technical

Interested contractors can obtain the Technical/Pre-qualification Bid Document from the office of the

General Manager (Proc)

TCN, Headquarters Plot 144 Zambezi Crescent Maitama, Abuja.

Collection of Document

Contractors can request for the pre-qualification document from the office of Genera Manager (Proc) TCN as from Tuesday, 12th May, 2015

Submission of Tender Documents

One original plus a soft copy in a virus free flash drive of the proposal are to be submitted in a sealed envelope marked at the right hand corner indicating appropriate CATEGORY and name of Bidder clearly written at the reverse side. Bid document should be submitted for EACH Category (SUBMIT SEPARATE DOCUMENT FOR EACH CATEGORY OF CHOICE) to reach the address below not later than Tuesday, 26th May, 2015

General Manager (Procurement) TCN,

Room 122, 1st Floor, PHCN Headquarters,

Plot 14 Zambezi Crescent,

Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria

Please Note:

(a)     This advertisement shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of TCN/SO to award contract to any con tractor.

(b)     TCN/SO reserves the right to take decisions on any of the documents received and not obligated to accept any Bids.

For further information and/or clarification, please contact the following e-mail addresses;




Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN)