son-1Standards Organisation of Nigeria

Invitation for Pre-qualification and to Tender/Bids


The Standards Organisation of Nigeria SON in furtherance to its statutory mandate intends to implement some capital projects under goods, works, consultancy and non consultancy in accordance with Public Procurement Act 2007. The Organisation, therefore invites interested and competent companies to submit their prequalification documents for projects as follows;

Procurement of Goods (LOT 1)
1a Supply Of Desktop Computers, Laptop And Accessories
1b Supply Of Office Equipment And Software For Statistics And Storage Devices
1c Supply Of Various Laboratory Chemicals
1d Supply Of Various Office Furniture, File Cabinet, Office Equipment And Stationeries
1e Supply of Operational Vehicles
1f Supply Of Electrical Appliances (Bulbs, Ceiling Fan, Extension Boxes, Table Lamps And Ups)
1g Supply Of Printers, Photocopiers, Scanners Multimedia And Their Projectors And Their Accessories
1h Supply Of Various Laboratory Equipment
1i Supply Of Various Load Cells Equipment
1j Supply Of Water Dispensers
1k Supply Of Regents And Other Consumables For Microbiology Lab
1l Supply Of Block Testing Machines
1m Supply Of Air Conditioners And Installation
1n Supply Of Water Testing Kits
1o Procurement Of Mobile Laboratory Testing Van And Equipment
1p Supply Of Mobile Pressure Testing Equipment
1q Furnishing Of Son Office Awka
Procurement Of Works (Lot 2)
2a Renovation/Reconstruction Of Son Office Niger State
2b Construction Of Gate House And Perimeter Fencing Of Son Plot Of Land Gudu
2c Construction Of Perimeter Fence And Gatehouse Of Son Plot Of Land Kwara State
2d Completion of Son office Ogun state
Procurement of consultancy and non-consultancy services(LOT3)
3i Market Research On Substandard Products
3ii Consultancy On Interactive Sensitisation Of Stakeholders On Son Activities
3iii Capacity Building Of Sme On Standardization And Certificat Ion
3iv Consultancy For Creation Of Awareness Of Son Activities
3v Consultancy For Various Traning Programs
3vi Sectorial Stakeholders Workshop
3vii Consultancy For Creation Of-Awareness For Accreditation Committee
3viii Consultancy On Public Awareness Campaign Programme On Standards And You On Various Television And Radio Networks
3ix Support Services For Capaoty Building Training On Product Standardisation And Conformity Assesment
3x Bi-Annual Market Research On The Level Of Substandard Products In Nigeria
3xi Consultancy On The Review And Assesment Of Son Projects And Properties Nationwide
3xii Mechanical /Electrical Firms For Repair And Maintence Of Son Vehicles And Equipment
3xiii Mechanical /Electrical Firms For Repair And Maintence of Photocopiers, Printers, Air Conditioners And Accessories
3xiv Mechanical /Electrical Firms For Repair And Maintence Of Computers And Accessories
3xv Mechanical /Electrical Firms For Repair And Maintence Of Generators
3xvi Printing services
3xvii Production And Rental Of Bill-Boards In Five Geographical Zones In Nigeria
3xviii Consultancy and advocacy on sub-standard products
3xix Provision of courier services
3xx Consultancy On Creation Of Awareness For Son/Mancap Certification
3xxi Consultancy on collection of the level of substandard products in the six Geopolitical zones
3xxii Campaign on son e-procedure certification
3xxiii Consultancy on nationwide sensitization on new cement standards and certification of sand crete block and allied cement products
3xxiv Meeting with stakeholders on the new Son 2015 ACT
3xxv Consultancy on the creation of awareness and campaign on updated iso 90001/14001
3xxvi Stakeholders review on Iso standards in Nigeria


Prequalification Requirements

  • Evidence of registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission;
  • Provide detailed company profile;
  • Evidence of compliance with PENCOM reform Act of 2004;
  • Company audited account for the three years.
  • Evidence of Tax clearance certificate (2011-2013) verifiable from the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS);
  • Evidence of compliance with Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Act of 2011 as amended:
  • Evidence of VAT registration with TIN
  • Letter of financial capacity and banking support;
  • Evidence of 2-3 similar jobs previously executed or currently in progress (including copies of letter of awards completion certificates payments etc.);
  • Evidence of company registration certificate with professional bodies;
  • Evidence of affidavit to show that all documents submitted are true and directors are not convicted for fraud, firm not bankrupt and that no former or present staff of SON/BPP is a director in the firm;
  • Curriculum vitae of key personnel for the project and professional certificates;
  • Any other document(s) to support the qualification and tender documents as may be contained in the standards bidding,

(3)     Collection of Bid Documents

Bid documents containing full specification of works/goods, consultancy and non consultancy services, scope, terms and conditions of contract for the LOTs above can be obtained from the Office of Head of procurement of the standards organization of Nigeria at No.52,Lome crescent; Zone 7,wuse Abuja ,upon payment of none refundable Tender sum of N20,000.00 Naira only.

(4)     Submission of Document/Opening of Documents

The closing date and time for receipt of documents in our office at Abuja Headquarters for both pre-qualification documents and submission of Bids are respectively by 12 noon on Monday 7th ,December 2015. Thereafter, the prequalification documents and bid for the Tender documents shall be opened immediately at the address below on the same date of closing. Interested bidders, representative of bidders and members of public arc invited to witness the opening.

Interested contractors find suppliers must submit one original and 3 copies of their document. The documents must be duly signed and enclosed in a sealed envelope indicating the lot number at the top right hand comer of the envelope and addressed to:

The Director General

Standard Organisation of Nigeria SON

No.52, Lome crescent,

Wuse zone 7. Abuja.

Attention: HOD Procurement)

The documents must be recorded and deposited in the SON Tender Box at THE Organisation Office located at. No. 52, Lome crescent, Zone 7, Wuse, Abuja.

(5)     General Information

  • Post qualification in line with the PPA 2007 shall be conducted.
  • Bidders are to participate in one lot only for this programme
  • The names and address of the company should be written boldly at the reverse side of the envelope with the contact telephone n umbers and email
  • please note that electronic copies sent through emails will be rejected.
  • Any tender not properly recorded and sent to Tender Box shall be rejected.
  • The standards Organisation of Nigeria reserves the right to reject all the applications on as submission of the documents shall not be construed to be a comment on the part of the organization or that the organization is under any obligation contact any contractor.
  • The advers shall not give any entitlement to any firm submitting quotation to claim any indemnity from the organization
  • Interested and eligible contractor may obtain further information between 9.00 am to 5.00pm, Monday through Friday except public holidays at the address below
  • The full details of the terms and conditions for bidding will be supplied to pre-qualified contractors upon payment of fee.