The Kano State Government is desirous of improving the quality of health care delivery services in the state. In achieving this resolve, the State Ministry of Health hereby invites prospective Companies to express interest in the following projects:

Lost Description of Item  QTY 
Lot I Supply and Installation of CT Scan 64 Slice, with Specifications/detail  1No. 
Lot II Supply and Installation of Fluoroscopy machine, with specifications/details  1No.
Lot III Supply and Installation of Mammography and Ultra Sound Scanning Machine (4D) machines, with specifications/details  1No. Each 
Lot IV Supply and Installation of Electric Operation Table Hydraulic and Operating Light (Duplux 3LE/4LE) with specifications/ details  3No. Each 
Lot V Anaesthetic Machine, Ventilators with monitors and CSSD with specifications/details  4No. Each 

(2.0)  The Pre-qualification Requirements:

Interested companies will first be pre-qualified for various categories of Supply & Installation of Medical Equipment/Instrument based on satisfaction with adequate evidence and the following minimum qualification criteria:

(i)      Evidence of experience as a prime contractor on at least one project of similar nature and complexity within the last five years, stating client cost with completion certificates and photographs attached;

(ii)     Have a project manager of between 7-11 years experiences of equivalent nature and volume;

(iii)    Organizational structure with names of key personnel involved in project implementation stating qualifications and professorial registration where applicable (enclose photocopies of professional certificates);

(iv)    Evidence of incorporation of business name registration;

(v)     Evidence of Tax Clearance certificate for the last three years;

(vi)    Annual Turnover and audited statement of account of the company for the last three years (2012 -2015);

(vii)   Evidence of Financial capacity and Bank guarantee from reputable bank;

(viii)  Technical competence; qualification and experience of key personnel, professional affiliation and equipment & technology capacity;

(ix)    Evidence of similar project executed;

(x)     VAT registration and evidence of past VAT remittances.

(xi)    Tax Identification Number (TIN);

(xii)   Evidence of employees Open Retirement Savings Accounts (RSA) with a pension fund administration of choice to indigenous companies;

(xiii)  Evidence of settlement of PAYE and other withholding taxes due to the State;

(xiv)  Evidence of Registration with Kano State Works Registration Board;

Only companies that are adjudged successful in the pre-qualification exercise shall be invited to collect tender documents upon payment of non-refundable fee.

(3.0) Submission:

Application for expression of interest accompanied by the above listed documents should be forwarded in appropriately sealed envelopes boldly marked at the Top left corner expression of interest (pre-qualification for the selected lot to: the secretary; special ministerial tenders board SMOH (HQ), Post Office Road, Kano.

(4.0) In order to bid, a complete set of bidding documents has to be purchased by interested bidders before the closing date (Monday 18th April, 2016) upon payment of non-refundable fee of Thirty thousand naira (N30,000.00) payable to the Account Section of the Ministry.

(5.0)  Opening of Pre-qualification Documents

The pre-qualification exercise is open to firms and Joint Ventures duty registered to operate in Nigeria. Only firms and joint ventures whose pre-qualification documents fulfill the minimum requirements during the bid will be invited to collect tender documents and participate in the tendering exercise.

The Minimum Requirements are;

(i)      VAT registration & evidence of past VAT remittances Local resource utilization

(ii)     Evidence of employees open Retirement Savings Accounts (RSA)

(iii)    Evidence of remittance of both employer and employees pension contribution to the appropriate pension fund custodian

(vi)    Company’s Audited Accounts for the last three years

(v)     Evidence of Tax Clearance certificate for the last three years

(vi)    Annual Turnover and Evidence of appropriate annual turnover

Please note that all submissions with supporting documents in respect of the requirement should be submitted in one original plus 2No soft copies on or before 12.00 noon Monday 25th April, 2016,while the opening exercise will take place at the Conference Hall of the SMOH at the same day by 3:00pm

Failure to comply with the above stated documents may automatically result in disqualification. 

(6.0) Closing Date:

All submissions must be received at the above office not later than 12.00noon on Monday25th April, 2016. Any document submitted after the deadline shall be rejected and electronic bidding will not be permitted.

(7.0)  Important Notice:

This invitation to Tender pre-qualification does not commit Kano State Government or its State Ministry of Health to award contracts to any successfully pre-qualified company(ies). Full tendering procedures will be open only to contractors pre-qualified and found capable of executing specific projects within the work areas. This advertisement will not be a commitment on the part of Kano State Government, nor shall it entail that those that submitted documents could make claim (s) whatsoever and/or seek any indemnity from Kano State Government or its State Ministry of Health of this publication.


Hamza Ahmad

Director PR&S/Secretary, SMTB

For: Hon, Commissioner for Health