Food & Beverage West Africa takes place annually in Lagos. The exhibition will host over 120 international and local food and beverage companies presenting their products to more than 4,000 attendees consisting of local importers, distributors, retailers, manufacturers and those operating in the hospitality industry and other industries. The food and beverage market is of utmost importance, as Nigeria’s population is growing rapidly – from the estimated 198 million currently to over 260 million by 2030. Supermarkets and hypermarkets are increasing in numbers across Nigeria as customers and consumers turn to modern grocery retailers for convenience and quality in their shopping experience. The Food & Beverage (FAB) West Africa is the premier food and beverage exhibition for the West African region.

This year the Food & Beverage West Africa takes place on 3 days from Tue., 13.06.2023 to Thur., 15.06.2023 in Lagos already for the 6th time.