Expression of Interest (EOI) to Bid For A Digital TV System Comprising Set Top Box (STB) Software & Integrated Digital TV (IDTV) Broadcast Services to Deliver A National Common STB IDTV Control And Consumer Access Fee Mechanism; And Critical Additional Services Over The Digital Terrestrial And Satellite Networks In Nigeria.

1.0     The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) is the regulatory authority for the broadcasting industry in Nigeria. The Commission is mandated by Section 2(1) of the National Broadcasting Commission Act, Cap. N11, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (LFN) 2004 to license, monitor, regulate, and conduct research into broadcasting in Nigeria

2.0     The Transition from Analogue to Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting in Nigeria is the most significant development since the advent of broadcasting in Nigeria in 1959, and would impact more than 22million TV households across Nigeria, Therefore, the distribution of Set Top Boxes (STBs) which will make the viewing of digital terrestrial television signals possible on existing Analogue TV sets, presents also major challenges, as well as opportunities for the Nigerian Television industry. Given the size of the Nigerian market, the government has approved a policy that mandates the local assembly/manufacture of STBs.

3.0     However, the distribution of STBs by unscrupulous entrepreneurs or STB manufacturers could use the opportunity offered by the Digital Switch over (DSO) to offer inferior quality non-compliant STBs to unsuspecting consumers in an effort to maximise profits. The National Broadcasting Commission has therefore proposed the introduction of a National Common Set top box Platform system that will not only protect the investment of the local STB manufacturers, but also provide a platform for the introduction of many new Value Added Services, such as; interactive services, interactive advertising, new video services and e-Government services etc.

4.0     This will ensure that only type approved STBs and other integrated Digital Television Sets (IDTV) that conform to government standards and specifications are able to receive DTT transmission.

5.0     The Commission also intends to introduce an annual Digital Content Access Fee whereby a viewer will be required to make an annual payment in order to be able to view digital TV channels, and requires a system that allows the Commission to manage access to the service on a receiver based on the payment of this fee, The Commission is requesting for expression of interest from companies that will provide such a system that enables collection of the digital content access fee and restricts viewing to households from which a digital content access fee payment has been received.

6.0     The Commission is willing to consider proposals for delivering this digital content access fee system but the winning solution is likely to incorporate the ability to manage, distribute and present additional services to the receiver in order to benefit viewers who have paid the digital content access fee. Such services are likely to include:

  • An Electronic Programme Guide (EPG);
  • Functionality which allows video content to be booked for recording, directly from the EPG;
  • Interactive news / information services including public information services e.g. health, education;
  • Pushed video and audio content to be stored internally or externally to the receiver,
  • A system whereby video content can be broadcast and automatically stored on the STB (or on an attached memory device) for later elective playback. Such a system can be accessible for public information content and elective content e.g. movies;
  • Functionality whereby video content can be recorded by the user on the STB (or on an attached memory device) for later elective playback;
  • Functionality whereby live video content can be “trick played” (paused, rewound, etc.);
  • A system to enable additional user services and games;
  • A system which allows an option for the STB to offer connected
    services including Video on Demand (VOD) and other applications if
    the household is connected to the internet; and
  • Functionality which allows the individual addressing of the STB thus allowing content to be withheld or restricted upon payment of a digital content access fee.

The system would be required to manage the publication of multiple services and to allow the end-user selection of which services to collect and store, It should be possible for the system to mark a service for mandatory storage and presentation on the STB e.g. Emergency Alerts, health or education information.

7.0     It is the Commission’s view that in so far as the EPG controls access by viewers to television services it forms part of the conditional access system. Provision of listing on the EPG and other related functions controlling viewer access and the purchase of television services is therefore regarded as a technical conditional access service which requires regulation by the Commission through a licensed operator. There is consequently an obligation to offer such services on a fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory basis.

8.0     The Commission understands that the EPGs have value in economic, cultural and social policy terns. Economically, they can support well placed channels by facilitating audience access. Culturally, they can support easy access to culturally valued content such as Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) content and Nigerian-originated content in news, current affairs, children’s television, documentaries and quality drama. Socially, to promote the acquisition or pursuit of knowledge and for dissemination of news and information of public interest with a wider reach.

9.0     In this regard, the Commission wishes to invite Expression of Interest (EOI) from suitably qualified, experienced and competent local and/or international entities to specify and deliver the requirements. Groups or Consortiums are acceptable.

10,     The EOI shall include indicative proposals including the following:

  • a proposal for a means by which the STB software will be made available to multiple manufacturers / suppliers to maintain an open and competitive market The addition of the STB software will not significantly increase the cost of the STB over typical market rates,
  • a proposal by which the necessary broadcast systems will be made available to channel operators to distribute the textual, graphical, video, audio and EPG information on the Network, including equipment and licensing costs; and
  • a proposal for a secure means by which only devices authorised by the NBC will be able to receive the services.
  1. It is likely that the successful bidder will be able to demonstrate experience of deploying similar systems in low cost and in Analogue Switch Off Please include any relevant experience from your company in the EOI.

Eligibility Criteria

An applicant seeking a licence for the operation of the services shall neither be a religious organization nor political party and not be adjudged bankrupt, or entered into a scheme of arrangement with creditors,

The applicant shall provide the following information:

  • name of Company and contact details – physical address, telephone, functional email address and website address;
  • Company profile (company history, relevant experience, services etc.);
  • Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Certified copy of Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  • Undertaking to pay licence fees;
  • Undertaking to comply with the National Broadcasting Commission Act, Nigerian Broadcasting Code, Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) Legal Framework and Regulations as developed by the Commission and may be amended from time to time and other applicable Regulations and licence conditions for the operation of the services;
  • Reference letter from the Company’s bankers; and
  • 3 year Financial Plan including projected income and estimated end user cost.
  1. Successful applicant shall be invited to formally apply for a licence to operate the services in Nigeria.

Term Of Approval

An approval of a company by the Commission for the provision of the service shall be for an initial period of five (5) years commencing from the date of issuance of such approval by the Commission, subject to renewal for another term

  1. Additional Information

Expression of interest should be forwarded in one sealed envelope marked at the top left corner and boldly written “NBC/288/V0L.XXW7 – DCAF& EPG ON DTT,” and hand delivered, posted by registered mail or sent by courier to reach the address below on or before November 31, 2014 by 12.00 noon. Opening of the Expression of Interest shall take place immediately after 12noon on that stated date at the NBC Headquarters.

The Secretary Tenders Board

National Board

National Broadcasting Commission

Plot 20 Ibrahim Taiwo Road (by Aso Villa)

Asokoro Abuja

P.M.B 5747, Garki Abuja

  1. For enquiries on issues pertaining to this EOI, write to the above contact or send an email to:
  2. The sealed envelope referred to above shall contain the original in one (1) envelope and clearly marked “ORIGINAL” and 4 copies, each of them clearly marked “COPY” in another envelope. In the event of any discrepancy between the original and the copies, the original shall prevail.
  3. NBC shall reserve the right to verify the authenticity of claims made by the interested companies and to disqualify any company based on false or unverifiable claim or information.
  4. NBC shall not be liable for any expenses incurred by interested companies in preparing the Expression of interest. This advert serves as invitation to the representatives of the companies that are submitting Eol as well as anyinterested Non-governmental Organisation and members of the general public who may wish to witness the Eol opening exercise.
  5. The NBC reserves the right to inspect or verify claims/information submitted as it deems necessary. Similarly, the Commission is not bound to shortlist arty company and reserves the right to annul the process when unforeseen and justifiable developments warrant such action, without incurring any liability and assigning reasons thereof.
  6. That at any time the Commission discovers that the information submitted for prequalification is false, the Commission reserves the right to disqualify the company.


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