Chamber of Commerce Pushing for New Reforms

Business, 03 Jan 2014 / By STA, T. M.
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) urged the government Friday to step up reform efforts in order to boost Slovenia’s growth prospects. Bank restructuring and corporate deleveraging alone will not suffice, said GZS president Samo Hribar Milič.
Chamber of Commerce:
Chamber of Commerce: “We expect credible Economy Minister and fast!” (File photo)

Bank restructuring and recovery on foreign markets instil optimism, but measures such as health and public contracting reform, simplification of the drawing of EU funds and the cutting of red tape are needed.

Accordingly, the new coalition agreement should include such covenants. “We expect the new coalition agreement to say no to new taxes. Businesses need a stable tax environment,” he said.

Moreover, the two vacant ministerial spots must be filled. “We are not indifferent to not having the health and economy ministers. We need decisive reform and bold steps in both fields.”

Hribar Milič also reiterated the GZS’s sentiment that labour legislation changes enacted last year were insufficient. “The taxes on wages are so high we need more serious reforms.”

The government should also beef up investment spending and support exports, he said.

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