I wanted to inform you about a new data source – Sentinel-2 data, provided by European Space Agency, free of charge. Please, do forward this message to relevant spatial data experts.

Sentinel-2 data provide unprecedented insight into monitoring of land as they provide an updated image with 10 meter resolution every week. You can search for images using Image Finder [1].

See short introduction here:

To make the access to the data easier, we have established a service, called Sentinel Hub – your GIS operators can now use the data in a matter of minutes:

In case you would like to test the service or find out more about it, please let me know.

Looking forward for your response,

Grega Milcinski




Request for Car Parking Management Systems

A reputable facility management company is looking for a manufacturer or companies dealing with the following items

  • Automated Car-parking Management Systems.
  • Smarting Parking Systems.
  • Vehicular & Building Access Control.



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