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On the 25th of September, 2014 Slovenia-Nigeria Chamber of Commerce actively participated at the Ljubljana Forum. The president of the Chamber Mr. Fred Uduma presented a paper highlighting Africa’s potentials, Nigeria as a nation, Lagos as Africa’s commercial hub as well as possible cooperation with Central & South Eastern European cities.

Mr Uduma in his presentation said, The strength of Africa lies within the significant proportion of the world’s natural resources, including vast amount of minerals, oil and gas and other hydrocarbons, as well as large reserves of fertile, arable agricultural lands. Africa offers vast human resources; with over a billion populations, it has potential as a producer and a consumer, giving it a comparative advantage in international trade. Nevertheless, the long term sustainability of Africa’s potentials and opportunities will require a better connection of African economies into regional and global world market. Furthermore, speaking about Nigeria, he said, Relatively, Nigeria as Africa’s driving force and biggest economy has become an attractive market for businessmen around the world. In fact, it’s the largest and most important market in Africa and one of the most exciting emerging markets in which to trade or invest in. Nigeria today, is a country marked by profound economic change, offering great business opportunities in the fields of telecommunication, energy, mining, agriculture, oil and gas, tourism, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, banking and finance, services and manufacturing, ICT and the educational sector.

Pointing out on Africa’s development and smart cities, he said, Lagos the commercial hub of Nigeria, is building a smart city  called Eko Atlantic. This project speaks to the kind of development and urbanization in recent years. The multi-billion dollar ambitious, dynamic new city is being built on a 9 square kilometers of land reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean and when completed will not only change the face of Africa but will transform Lagos into a new financial epicenter of  Africa.

In conclusion, Mr Uduma expressed that, establishing partnerships and sharing of knowledge, experiences and technology with Central & South Eastern European cities such as Ljubljana with Lagos as well as creating a new direct trade route between the port of Koper and Lagos port will not only foster economic cooperation and prosperity but will strengthen and improve economic ties.